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| Pet Sitting

Our Pet Sitting Services

We provide in-home pet sitting for established clients. Visits include healthy meals, fresh water and playtime or a walk. General security measures are taken to make sure your house is safe and sound. These items include retrieving mail and/or packages, rotating lights and opening/shutting drapes. Your house key or home security code is kept safe with us at all times. We do not bring additional people to your home without prior consent.

Midday Check-In

A quick check-in visit with your pet. Perfect for cats or puppies who just need a little attention and some playtime. Puppies go out for some relief.

Midday Check-In

Basic Pet Visit

A 30-minute visit with your best furry friend. Includes a walk or playtime and snuggles, meal and fresh water. Perfect for cats and smaller dogs.

Basic Pet Visit

Extended Care Visit

A full hour with your pup. Includes a long walk, playtime, snuggles and meals. Perfect for larger dogs and/or multi-pet households.

Extended Care Visit

For More Information and Inquiries, Please Call Us

​​(310) 714-4033