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| Dog Walking

About Our Dog Walking Services

Our dog walks are private and developed specifically for the exercise needs of your dog. We offer walks of 30 or 60 minutes in length. Each walk includes a follow-up note and photo. While we are out walking, we work with your dog on polite behavior such as sitting nicely at intersections, walking by other dogs without incident, meeting and greeting friendly strangers and loose leash walking.

Midday Potty Break

A 15-minute potty break and brief walk. The perfect amount of time for pups like Toffee to get a little fresh air and some relief. A great option for puppies, low-energy dogs, and senior pooches. 

Midday Potty Break

Leisurely Stroll

A 30-minute walk in your neighborhood. Just enough time pups like Marshall to get some exercise, fresh air and relief. This walk is suitable for most adult dogs with average energy levels and a very popular option. 

Leisurely Stroll

Lively Romp

A 60-minute walk or jog in your neighborhood. This option is great for pups like Belle who have above average energy levels and take a little longer to tire out. Pups who need to shed a few pounds will benefit from the extra exercise! 

Lively Romp

Keys & Security Codes

Since we must access your home to care for your pet, we will ask for a set of your keys and/or home security code. These items are kept with us at all times. 

Constant Contact

You are entrusting us with your fur baby, and we take that seriously. After each walk, you will receive a detailed note and photo to keep you posted on your pet's well-being. 

Weather Conditions

Extreme heat or torrential rain can be hazardous for pets. In the case of severe weather, we may need to alter or cancel your pet's walk. But don't worry, we'll make it up to them!

Emergency Plans

In an emergency, your pet will receive the best care possible. We are prepared to administer first aid, bring your pet to the veterinarian, or provide company during a natural disaster.

For More Information and Inquiries, Please Call Us

​​(310) 714-4033